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Rama Krushna Behera

I’m a final year undergrad studying Industrial Design at the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. I love crafting meaningful and impactful user experiences through cognitive psychology. I am currently working as a product + motion design intern at Polygon Technology. Most recently, I worked as a product design intern at MakeMyTrip where I worked on various B2B products in hotel line of business. 

Coming from a background in both engineering and design, I love connecting the dots between business goals, technical constraints and user satisfaction. The design journey that I started with the aim of making things look better changed me into a person who aims to create digital experiences that make life easier.

I believe that the projects I have worked on have been the highlight of my design journey. I have been influenced to constantly look for problems around me and solutions to them; for challenges like these are what drive me to work relentlessly through sleepless nights for hours on end. And I love every moment of them.

In an alternate universe - I am leading the design team of TEDxNITRourkela, Monday Morning and DesignTab.

Apart from this, I love dark mode, experimenting with new tools, badminton, photography, binging series, and reading books related to design, psychology, and productivity. 

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